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Zero Cal. Limescale Removal System


Product Description

You will save money.

ZeroCal Plant eliminates problems due to scale deposits on pipes, boiler heat exchangers and all household appliances that use water. protects the water system against scale and corrosion, With ZeroCal Plant you keep your home efficient and save on fuel, electricity and servicing. ZeroCal Palnt can easily be installed by a competent person or plumber. Call Watersave on 1890876235 for a quote on installation in your area.

Safe to use.

ZeroCal Plant uses a liquid form of Polyphosphate. By using less than 5 parts (Polyphosphate) per 1 million parts water the ZeroCal will prevent the build up of scale and corrosion on Household and Industrial Appliances. Over time ZeroCal will also clean out existing scale from your system.

With ZeroCal you can still drink your water as there is no salt added to the system.

It has a long life.

Each anti scale refill ZeroCal DOSE lasts up to four months. The first refill is free.

It warns you when to refill.

A yellow led flashing and a sound signal will warn you when the anti scale product ZeroCal DOSE is about to run out.

It is Eco friendly.

With ZeroCal Plant you will reduce fuel consumption, so you will produce less carbon dioxide (CO2).


ZeroCal PLANT anti scale system is fully automatic and serviceable by the end user.

Only two maintenance operations required – refill of the anti scale product ZeroCal DOSE and replacement of the lithium battery – are easy to carry out and signaled by an acoustic-visual warning. The yellow led warns that it is time to refill the anti scale product, while the red led warns that the battery should be replaced.

In this way ZeroCal PLANT will keep carrying out its protective action and maintain your home efficiently: less 20% in energy costs and reduced operating costs.


ZeroCal PLANT is easy to install anywhere after the water meter thanks to the adjustable and bidirectional connections.

The adjustable and bidirectional connections allow the passage of water in both directions and the installation both on horizontal and vertical pipes.

ZeroCal PLANT is battery operated (NO power supply needed).


Each anti scale refill ZeroCal DOSE lasts up to 4 months and…the 1st refill is free!

The refill ZeroCal DOSE is easy to replace thanks to the liquid solution:

1. Unscrew ZeroCal PLANT tank

2. Pour the whole refill contents

3. Place the tank back in its seat.

Why use ZeroCal.

Are your showers forever blocking up. Do your clothes sometimes feel rough to the touch on your skin. Do your kids suffer from skin abrasions and dermatitis. Are you spending more on detergents and softeners than you should be. If so you need to treat the scale in your system and start saving money right now. Your kids will be forever grateful you made this small investment for them.

Download the brochure here.   ZeroCal Brochure

ZeroCal Plant is the most innovative anti scale and anti corrosion system available to protect water system and all household appliances against hard water. The only unit with liquid refill and product level indicator.


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