INSTA-80 Water Heater Sensor Tap Combi




The INSTA-80 Instant Smart Electric Water Heater has been developed by Watersave to cure the age-old problem of traditional hot water systems that allow water to get cold in the hot water plumbing pipes.


Traditional hot water systems and indeed modern solar hot water systems heat a central reserve in the house. Usually, this central reserve is either close to the bathroom or the kitchen. What this means is that either the kitchen or the bathroom is going to be a long way from the heated reserve. What happens next is you turn on a tap and it takes a long time for your pre-heated water to reach you. This can equate to losses of water as much as 60 liters per day depending on the length of pipework from the central reserve to the tap.


A water heater that will fit inline on the hot water pipe and heat the cooled water in the pipe. The real genius here is that the heater will now have to recognise when the water from the central reserve is hot and switch off its heater allowing your pre-heated water to flow through. In essence, this water heater will have to be seriously smart. Watersave is delighted to be able to announce that we have now cured this problem with our amazing INSTA-80™ smart water heater. In the summer time when your heating is turned off, the INSTA-80™ smart water heater will just heat your water as normal and in winter will act as only a booster to your heating system.


The INSTA-80™ fits snugly under your sink and out of the way of your everyday under-sink items.

Measuring in at a compact size of 30cm H x 13cm W x 7cm D. The INSTA-80™ will fit under any existing kitchen or bathroom sink without being in the way.

The INSTA-80™ Smart Instant Electric Water Heater is plumbed directly from the hot ( or cold ) water supply and only heats the water when you turn on your existing hot taps.

INSTA-80™ has a digital readout that can be pre-set to let the user determine the maximum temperature of the water they desire. This makes the INSTA-80™ ideal for use in washrooms and care facilities when used with our no touch sensor taps.

With the INSTA-80 Instant Electric Water Heater, you can revert back to your central heating system during the winter months. No other heater allows this versatility.

INSTA-80 Instant Electric Water Heater allows you to keep your old taps and in no way interferes with the cold water flow rate. Hot water flow rates at 55°c can be as much as 3 liters per minute.

INSTA-80™ Instant Electric Water Heater can be supplied as a stand-alone heater or with Sensor Taps, Push taps or for use as a shower in the grooming and hairdresser industry. In fact, in a recent trial, the INSTA-80™ Instant Electric Water Heater was glowingly recommended by a top Dog Groomer as being perfect.

INSTA-80 Instant Electric Water Heater ensures you never have to let energy sucking under sink water heaters on all day again. Never run out of hot water again. Hot water will Always there at your command.


  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Hairdressers
  • Schools
  • Pet Grooming
  • Farms
  • Offices
  • Stables
  • Retail Outlets

... and almost anywhere you need a good supply of hot water.



Technical Information

Technical Specifications

Rated Current: 25A
Connecting Wires: 3×2.5mm2
Required Isolator Switch: 32A
Safety Class: IP×4
Body material: ABS
Heating time: 3-5 seconds
Rated output: 5.5kw
Rated voltage: 220V-240V / 50-60Hz
Colour: White

Rated Pressure: 0.05Mpa-0.6Mpa
Pipe Section: G1/2“
Min Water Flow to Activate Unit: 1.2-1.5L/Min
Max Water Flow: 4.5L/Min
Temperature Setting: Ambient-55C
Thermal Cut-out: 85C


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