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Watersave is delighted to announce the INSTA-80 Dog Grooming Combi has finally come to the market. After years of research on how we could achieve excellent water heating coupled with energy savings for the industry Watersave are proud to bring the INSTA-80 Dog Grooming Combi to you.

The INSTA-80 is a sleek design offering you constant preset temperatures and water that is only heated while you are actually washing your customer’s much-prized pooch.

Coming in at an energy saving 5.5Kw. The INSTA-80­ is guaranteed to save you on energy costs compared to leaving the immersion on all day, the under sink water heater running 24/7 or the 9kw shower that is using 39% more energy every time you use it.

Measuring in at a compact size of 30cm H x 13cm W x 7cm D. The INSTA-80™ will fit snugly in the wash area without taking up much-needed space.

The INSTA-80 Hairdresser Combi comes with its own unique water saving patented pulse showerhead.


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Technical Information

Technical Specifications

Rated Current: 25A
Connecting Wires: 3×2.5mm2
Required Isolator Switch: 32A
Safety Class: IP×4
Body material: ABS
Heating time: 3-5 seconds
Rated output: 5.5kw
Rated voltage: 220V-240V / 50-60Hz
Colour: White

Rated Pressure: 0.05Mpa-0.6Mpa
Pipe Section: G1/2“
Min Water Flow to Activate Unit: 1.2-1.5L/Min
Max Water Flow: 4.5L/Min
Temperature Setting: Ambient-55C
Thermal Cut-out: 85C

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    “Hair of the Dog” Grooming

    My name is Aileen Baker, Director of “Hair of the Dog” Grooming Parlour in Kilworth, Co. Cork.
    I have been grooming 12 years and thankfully I have a very busy grooming business. I also train up to 45 grooming students a year in a college in Cork City.
    Up until recently I have always had a huge water tank as my water supply, which was quickly becoming a nuisance for a few reasons.
    – leaking
    – taking far too long to heat up (this meant turning it on the night before to ensure hot water first thing in the morning) This in turn was expensive!
    – if I washed a big dog or 2 dogs one after the other it meant having to wait for the entire tank to reheat. This often slowed down my day.
    Since Watersave installed this new “INSTA-80” system I have noticed many advantages.
    – Instant hot water on demand!
    – No more waiting around for the water to re-heat!
    – I can adapt the temperature in a couple of seconds
    – I can change the water pressure to accommodate nervous dogs or in accordance with how dirty the dogs coat is.
    – a very good cost saving!
    – More space now that the big water tank is gone!
    – the system is extremely neat and tidy.
    I believe “INSTA-80” is genuinely an extremely good product.
    It was installed very quickly with no disruption to my business-whatsoever!
    I believe the price is very good and a lot of my grooming colleagues agree.
    If you are about to set up a business and you are concerned about getting water sorted this is truly the answer to the problem.
    As many business owners know in this climate money is hard earned (groomers especially know that!) and you want to get the right product.
    Martin Lane provides a professional service. He was great to follow up and check in with me to ensure I was having no problems with the system as I simply couldn’t afford to be without hot water.
    Thank you Watersave for a great product!
    Wishing you huge success.
    Aileen Baker

    • Martin Lane

      Thank you very much for your kind words Aileen. They are greatly appreciated. We are delighted to be able to offer the INSTA-80™ to groomers nationwide.

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