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About Watersave Ireland

Over the last three years Watersave have developed a product range to suit the water conservation needs of all water users across the board. From Industrial to Domestic to the Hospitality Industry Watersave have a product range that can greatly reduce the amount of water you consume on a daily basis. As water is our most precious commodity it is essential that we all become more pro-active in our everyday use of it. Without water even the greatest of civilisations would cease to exist. Dubai without water would return to the desert. Dublin is looking at getting water from the Shannon. Numerous towns across the country are looking at water shortages already even though they were not predicted to be in a stressed situation until 2013. While the supply of safe drinking water is the responsibility of the local authority it is the responsibility of the end user to conserve this supply in the same way they would conserve electricity or gas. Every house in the country will soon have to pay for water and this will lead to massive strains on the hard pressed pockets of the consumer. Is it fair? Should we expect free gas and electricity as well? Either way it will happen and when it does Watersave will be there to help you reduce dramatically the amount of water you use in the home for a very small investment. We guarantee our products will save you not alone water but in most instances Gas and Electricity as well. Just click on the links tab above and then the Household Product Range and you will find everything you need to dramatically reduce your water and energy bills.

For commercial users just click on the Commercial User page in the links tab above. Watersave have reduced water consumption in Schools by 53% and some hotel room usage by 72%. If you use water we have a product that will save you money. Go ahead and shop with confidence with Watersave your proven water conservation company. Sign up on our site, send us an email, and be surprised with the deal you can get when shopping with Watersave.